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Estas Manos Coffee Roasters

Deliciously Fresh Roasted Coffee.
From Our Farmers’ Hands To Yours.

Estas Manos Coffee Roasters is a community of roasters and farmers working toward a more honest cup of coffee. The world coffee trade has evolved into a chain of unfair and unsustainable industry standards that are slowly diluting the integrity of the coffee we enjoy today. Coffee farmers are working harder to meet global demands and heightened industry standards while middle-men continue to increase their profit margins on the way up the supply chain.

Our mission is to reverse this trend.

Our Story

In Spanish, Estas Manos translates to “these hands.” The inspiration for the name was born on the farms of Latin America. Coffee farmers take great pride in their work and believe a person’s hands are their worth. The hands of these coffee farmers are the single most important piece of the coffee supply chain. We believe that the world’s best specialty coffees come from dedicated, hardworking farmers. This is why we remain dedicated to their growth and prosperity.

Sidama Union, Ethiopia

Farmers: Wottona Bultuma

Choluteca, Honduras

Farmers: Cooperativa Cafetalera Sanmarqueña

Tolima, Colombia

Farmer: Finca El Oasis

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Farmers: Café de Mujeres Santo Domingo

Alajuela, Costa Rica

Farmers: Las Lajas

La Familia

Coffee is more than one of the world’s largest commodities, it’s a community. Estas Manos is a community of like-minded importers, farmers and non-profits whose main objective is influencing a more equitable coffee industry. We are a coffee roaster working direct with our farmers through close and continuous collaboration with our partners. This ensures meaningful relationships with our farmers and joint efforts toward their sustainable growth and development. Each of our partners lend a unique and progressive hand in accomplishing our mission. With their help, we can provide for our farmers the compensation and education they need and deserve to grow.

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We want to hear from you! We’re always looking to expand our community and talk anything coffee.

P.O. Box 590848
San Francisco, CA 94159

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